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If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service. PHP Development is one of most suitable choice of many customers.  Digisys allows companies to hire PHP Programmers to work as a part of  their existing Team. Client will be provided Case Management tool or PHP  Developers will use client’s case management tool to look the case/s  and start working on it with minimal involvement from the client side.  Our PHP Programmers are very well professional having very good  expertise with framework like Laravel, Zend,  CodeIgniter,  CakePHP,  Symfony Framework



Opensource  Developers at Criterion have a sound knowledge and the strong skills  set to deliver the robust and high performance WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, YII, Laravel, Golang, Development  services. We have the extremely qualified teams that have hands on  experience in Opensource development. Criterion provides the value added PHP development services and solutions  that can enhance the business capabilities its clients and increase  their reach on the world wide web. Our highly skilled PHP Developers  understand and assess the clients’ needs to provide their assistance to  empower your presence on the internet. We have 6+ Years of experience developers to provide you quality development. 



Microsoft creates software-the instructions that help electronic devices  like computers, cars, and digital cameras work. Millions of people  around the world use their technology every day, from multinational  corporations that do business in many currencies and languages to small  companies that count on just-in-time inventory systems to keep orders  flowing. Building dynamic enterprise class web applications in the  Microsoft platform has become much easier over the years with the  evolution of ASP.NET. Since ASP.NET allows development in any supported  Microsoft .NET Development language including the popular ones like C#,  VB.NET, C++ and several others, it has become a very popular choice for  development teams.

Cloud Migration


We help you optimise your investments in Data Centres by Migrating your  Line of Business (LoB) applications, Mission critical platforms,  Desktops to cloud based infrastructure. This helps you to reduce your  year on year hardware management and upgrade cost while improving  availability of critical applications to the growing global staff. IaaS  configured rightly delivers high quality redundant platform with dynamic  scalability on demand at a fraction of the cost of normal data centre  based deployments of the same level. Our 20 + certified cloud  infrastructure specialists can help you smoothly transition from data  centre / on premise legacy infrastructure to cloud enabled scalable  global cloud first infrastructure. 



 Over the  years, we have developed a repository for Java development practices and  created engagement methodology that assures customer delight. We ensure  quality, cost reduction with faster deployments that are better than  current industry standards; added with robust and scalable architectures  and fully secured applications.

We  are leaders in delivering mission critical Enterprise solutions. All  solutions today need to factor-in competition, cost and speed to market.  Our development practices, combined with years of JAVA Practice help  companies address these challenges with comprehensive solutions.

ROR & Spree Commerce


 We have highly skilled, well-versed and certified Ruby on Rails  developers for hire who have amassed unrivalled experience in working  with AngularJS, ReactJS and/or BackboneJS.  Your search for Ruby on Rails developers ends here. We have years of  hands-on experience in building Rails based web applications. At Criterion Techno, we strive to bring the state-of- the art industry practices  and technological know-how to build the powerful Ruby on Rails  applications. 

 Using our top-notch custom spree commerce development services, it is  possible to build an online store that encapsulates your dream business  and gives your customers a fascinating digital experience. 

UI/UX Development


 A responsive website is a single website that adapts to the device of  each unique visitor, whether desktop, smartphone, or tablet. A  responsive website dynamically re-sizes its content and imagery for a  variety of different screen sizes in order to ensure the website is  effective and easy to use on any device. Did you know that  60% of all online web traffic comes from mobile devices? With such a  large percentage of users accessing the web from their smartphones,These 9% of  responsive sites not only look good and perform better than their peers,  but they all get ranked higher in search results. On  April 21, 2015, Google made the biggest change to its algorithm in  years: Websites that are not responsive will be ranked lower in mobile  searches. Dubbed. “Mobilegeddon” by the media, this event led many large  companies who had avoided responsive web design, for whatever reason, to  panic. But the evidence is clear that it paid off for those who did  embrace responsive design. We have expert to developed website with ReactJs, ViewJs, Ionic material design .

Angular Js


AngularJS  is a leading JavaScript open source MVC framework used to develop  dynamic web application. This provides a way of accomplishing really  powerful things in a way that embraces and extends HTML, CSS and  JavaScript, while shoring up some of its glaring deficiencies.AngularJS  is built in the assumption that declarative code is better than  imperative when it comes to building UIs and connecting product  components together, while imperative code is excellent for expressing  business logic. AngularJS is not only responsible for building the  client-side of a web application but is also expert in handling all the  DOM and AJAX code written in a well-defined structure.Being a  most structural framework AngularJS let us build well structured, easily  testable, and maintainable front-end applications. With the help of  data binding & dependency injection much of the code gets eliminated  and becomes shorter in comparison to other frameworks, which improves  the stability. It adapts and extends traditional HTML to better serve  dynamic content through two-way data-binding that allows for the  automatic synchronization of models and views.

Node Js


It’s a new-ish technology that has enjoyed rapid growth and many success  stories, thanks to ease of building, and scalability. NodeJS allows us  to use a single programming language (JavaScript) through the whole app –  that means on the server and client side, and on the server/NodeJS  side. The benefit? Quicker to build and get running. And easier to  maintain. Node JS is an open source JavaScript run time built on Google  Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine. The V8 JavaScript execution engine built  for Google Chrome and open-sourced by Google compiles the JavaScript  code into native machine code resulting the node.js code to run and  execute faster.  NodeJS is great for real-time web applications and developing data APIs.  Like MongoDB, it is a fast and efficient database that allows for  scalable development, so it can grow as your requirements do. Every  technology has its benefits; NodeJS would probably not be the right  choice for long and complicated processes. The asynchronous architecture  and event-driven processing make applications that are built using  Node.js extremely scalable. We have experienced web developer to provide you best solution 24 X 7.



Running a web developer managed service provider holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal. Bootstrap is what we call a framework. A good way of explaining it is  like playing with legos. Lets say you’re building a cool skyscraper out  of legos, going brick by brick is slow, and you could accidentally put a  wrong color brick in there if you’re not paying attention. Bootstrap is  like having a collection of different pre-built pieces of that tower  that you repeat until you get to the top. So that tower that would take  you 5 hours to build brick by brick, you can do in 1 hour. once you’ve  got the main parts of the tower all built you can fine tune it with the  itty bitty details. Bootstrap is a commonly used CSS HTML and Javascript  framework that enables rapid development of responsive websites. It  makes coding a site a breeze. 

 Bootstrap is a front-end development framework that enables developers  & designers to quickly build fully responsive websites. The  framework contains global CSS settings with built-in components and  extensible classes in the form of typography, navigation, buttons and  much more. It was initially development as an internal tool by former  Twitter employees and was later released as an open source project on  Github. 

Kendo/Deve Express


  Kendo is a great framework, data, and visual UI. You can choose to  render a native look for each platform or use the same look for all  platforms. It can be used for desktop and mobile and has some really  advanced data options that other frameworks like Jquery Mobile and  Bootstrap miss. It has regulary updates and fixes as well. Kendo is  based on jQuery and you can notice how everything is interconnected in  this fancy world. It seems like there is some kind of web-developing  melting pot. Various frameworks and technologies such as DOM, Ajax,  jQuery and many others combine together to form new ones with basic  features renewed and supplemented.  

DevExpress – is a custom third party provider of .NET controls. They  customize the .NET controls by making it more attractive and more  flexible than inbuilt .NET controls. Once you get the license, then you  would use their assemblies in your application to create a new UI  experience which is completely different from inbuilt UI controls.  We are using the grid to show  data loaded from a server and it is very unlikely that the user has  loaded all the data. DevExpress engineers feature-complete Presentation  Controls, enterprise-ready Reporting Systems, IDE Productivity Tools and  Business Application Frameworks for Visual Studio. 

Web API / Services


 A web API is the application programming interface (API) for both the  web server and web browser. A server-side web API is a programmatic  interface to a clear appeal-answer message system, normally expressed in  JSON or XML, which is wide-open via the web—most frequently by means of  an HTTP-based web server. A client-side web API is a programmatic  interface to extend functionality within a web browser or other HTTP  client. Originally these were most commonly in the form of native  plug-in architectures. However most newer ones target standardized  JavaScript bindings. 

 A Web service is a service offered by an electronic digital device to  another electronic device, connecting with each other by using the World  Wide Web. In a Web service, Web technology such as the HTTP, initially  designed for human to machine communication, is used for machine to  machine communication, more particularly for transferring machine  legible file formats these kinds of XML and JSON. In process, the  Digital marketing Service in India generally provides an object oriented  Web-based interface to a database server, used for example by another  Web server, or by a mobile application, that provides a user interface  to the end user.